Andrew Tilin

I'm a longtime journalist with solid experience in many forms of writing, including blogs, books, copywriting, ghostwriting, and magazine pieces short and long.

Lance Armstrong Returns to the Tour

Lance Armstrong is laser-locked on another Tour de France. But the 45-year-old ex-pro rider, who won seven consecutive Tours between 1999 and 2005 before those wins were voided for doping offenses, won’t race the 2017 edition. Instead, Armstrong will analyze, editorialize, and prognosticate via his new daily Stages podcast, addressing both the details and daily highlights of pro cycling’s iconic, three-week, mid-summer clash. “I’m approaching this as if I were in the race..."

The Surprising Ways Your Fitness Data Is Really Being Used

Your fitness data is exactly that: data. Which is to say that it can be exposed and vulnerable. Not only could your standard, everyday workout metrics (like how fast, how hard, or how far you ride) surprisingly land in the laptops of crime-sniffing cops, hovering school administrators, and/or determined lawyers—it already has, and to surprising effects. Fitness-data downloads have been used to sleuth crimes, toss mountain bikers from trails, and—on a happier note—save at least one cyclist’s life
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